In the name of fairness

In the name of fairness In the name of my fairness everyone should have been sexually abused by their fathers everyone should have been neglected by their mothers everyone should have lost their baby everyone should have no money to their name everyone should be jobless everyone should have inflammatory bowel disease And then what?… Continue reading In the name of fairness


My life goal Self-sufficiency Take care of myself by myself Lean on myself Ask for nothing It goes a long way Through splitting Me my hurt my keen awareness my analysis my plan to make it better again Constantly working on it Constantly working on me Everything is there to decode and understand I just… Continue reading Self-sufficient


No words Just sounds Sounds disconnected to words Meanings loading them making them matter making them powerful Crushing my voice Interfering with my sound My voice is part of my body not my mind which is also inside my body but an entity of its own My voice is not only an instrument but an… Continue reading Voice


The plus The minus The movement from the baseline to the plus-line The things we need to have value Our organic starting point naked valueless seemingly neutral The tabula rasa  separate from what came before what is around us Our immediate imprint Branding after birth Strapped into a vehicle on auto-pilot When you are old… Continue reading Valued


Interpretation Viewpoint Perspective People’s triggers Where to be compassionate  Where to let go When to laugh at something When to be angry How much to expect and how much to ask for When to separate and when to reconcile How much can I actually understand before compromising my own self-worth? Diplomacy Meaning double eyed in… Continue reading Perspectives


Saying no to control to protect to make something wrong or right to set a boundary to expose our desires When the no is nullified When our no is not accepted When we need to accept its unacceptance When we do not When no has no authority anymore The bully still strikes The rapist still… Continue reading No


When you go to a place and realise where you came from When you join a group and know that your thoughts were also had by others When you had a niggle and a feeling and then you read about it somewhere expressed so clearly and officially When the light goes on and you realised how… Continue reading Contextualised

The circle line

What we have is as deep as it gets When we are not threatened we forget its worth Maybe we need the conflicts to see what we have Threat, enemy, war, fear, division give us the boundaries to ourselves to know why we are worth being alive know why we must flee transform integrate learn… Continue reading The circle line