I have described myself as a performance and video artist, because my work is performed and edited by myself but filmed by others. I would not describe myself as a filmmaker despite previously studying film production. I have also introduced installation into my practice.

The foundation for my work is autobiographical and has dealt with my personal traumas, such as sexual abuse (in Breaking and Entering (2009) and ReFraming (2012)) and miscarriage (in Untitled 20 (2011)). However, I have also ventured out of the personal and into the biographical (with ASHA (2013)).

I have a strong interest in emotions, psychology and the dysfunctional, which I endeavour to find the core of, expose and release. I do not manipulate situations, but rather place myself within them without a script thus experiencing them organically, whilst still retaining my freedom as a performer. I would say that now I automatically do this in real life, as well as in the context of officially performing.

My performances are site-specific and are adapted according to the environment chosen. For example, every performance of my project ASHA (2013), in which I collaborated with musician Paul Cheneour, was improvised. We performed in a variety of venues, where the show was set up, performed and taken down in a day.

The foundation of the videos and performances has always been my poetry. More recently I have used that as the only element of my work. I have had a poem published in the A Poem A Day (2015) calendar anthology but am mainly using my blog as my platform at the moment.