The Slog

We’ve been at it for more than a year

This never-ending-bullshit

This never-ending-shit show

The overexposure and the isolation

The intimacy that has turned into imprisonment

We were playing musical chairs before

And then the music stopped


I spent months just waiting to hear the music again

Hoping I could get up and stretch my legs

But I am still here

Looking out into the world through this digital portal

Forgetting why I have a body at all

Every day is the same but more and more different to how it was before

Before the world ended

Before the music stopped

Before freedom was granted based on statistics

Before we sat in a waiting room surrounded by a state of emergency

I can’t really remember how it was before

And I can’t see a way out

I’ve adapted and I’m angry

And I’m sad

And I think I am allowed to sit in this feeling

For as long as I need

Before I let it go