That voice

That voice

that is

always there and so is first to be ignored

The doubt

The evil in my person

The one I thought was part of me

just because it had been there all my life

I never looked back to see who it was

Until I did

And I saw you

Malevolent root of all my inability and failure

I saw you Mother

You trapped me in your hatred

You framed me in your unhappiness

You told me I was not capable of fulfilling my basic human needs

But maybe you weren’t seeing me at all

Maybe I was seeing you not seeing me making up who suited you

I have believed you for so long

My faith is breaking down

I don’t think you are right

I don’t think you were right

We don’t live on the same ground now

You still invade my private psychic space

But you won’t

May this be my manifesto

I will get you out!