Looking back

I looked through some old work today, went through some archive. I am cautiously but excitedly trying to conceive a new work. I am looking at what I have already created, as the root of new creation. After all these years of ‘inactivity’ it seems to still be there. My sabbatical. My endless inconclusive research… Continue reading Looking back


I’ve been on a long journey away from myself to find more of myself to grow my new life after culling the last one In these four years which feel like ten I have become part of a new world learnt new language experienced new worlds explored new subcultures made new people lost life went… Continue reading Detouring


Hello old me Hello old you I don’t know what to say anymore Or rather I do But I just don’t want to tell you I don’t want to tell anyone I want to keep it to myself This time Finally It will remain Undisclosed Unshared Private      

That voice

That voice that is always there and so is first to be ignored The doubt The evil in my person The one I thought was part of me just because it had been there all my life I never looked back to see who it was Until I did And I saw you Malevolent root… Continue reading That voice

Sensory Overload

As I scroll through Facebook I am always stunned at how much is out there Or rather how much I have access to seeing I can see where people have been recently I can get links to the latest news, current affairs, cultural events All without looking for it  I wonder whether I would feel… Continue reading Sensory Overload

The person in my voice

I have embarked on a quiet, creative but so far private project. Since September last year I have been taking singing lessons. As a youth I took classical singing lessons and always struggled to control and be in touch with my voice. I still managed to pass my exams but I really could not tell… Continue reading The person in my voice


Problems The dirtiest word The last thing  the successful individual  wants to utter to other successful individuals   I used to believe people who said that they had a happy childhood I used to believe people who said they have no grievances with their parents I used to believe people whose biggest complaint was how… Continue reading Problems


Democracy An arrogant majority A fucked-over minority *** They are very poor All they have is money *** We isolate the criminal The victim isolates itself Fleeing as prison *** Winded at a thought Winded by the loss Its invisibility makes me feel invalid My pain has no space other than inside me Far away… Continue reading Musings


Who am I today? I think I know It’s difficult to explain I used to know It was so simple There was a word A term for what I was doing One art followed another Actor- Filmmaker- Artist Pause Break Can I claim the title of Artist without a project I can sum up in one… Continue reading Who?

In the name of fairness

In the name of fairness In the name of my fairness everyone should have been sexually abused by their fathers everyone should have been neglected by their mothers everyone should have lost their baby everyone should have no money to their name everyone should be jobless everyone should have inflammatory bowel disease And then what?… Continue reading In the name of fairness