Out with it

Out with it

I feel like I need to get it out

I feel like I need to rid myself of what has been propelling me and holding me back

I have reached a place of safety

All my life was dedicated to getting me out of my domestic hell

The hell that followed me around

Still does

I am split between celebrating my freedom and the sheer exhaustion of my long run

My entire life was informed by the fact that

For the first ten years of my life

My father sexually abused me

My mother passively watched on

I was so socially incapable

I got bullied or ignored in school

I attracted weirdoes all throughout my adolescence

I got raped in my last year of it

I had such a fire to get out



Six years of psychotherapy

Three years of practising art

One year of a healthy partnership

I feel so happy and so empty

I have no motivation

My heart is an empty warehouse space

I have thrown all the broken furniture out

I have cleaned the mould

Nothing is killing me anymore

And I am resourceless

I don’t have the means to go shopping to fill my space

It will be minimal for a long time

I miss Cyprus

I wish my parents didn’t exist

I wish I didn’t have to deal with all their destructive weaknesses all my life

I wish I didn’t feel obliged to protect their careers and relationships


I want to talk about this

I want to expose incest

I want the taboo to stop existing

I want survivors to feel empowered

There is a space for expression

They were wrong

They should be held accountable and responsible

Individuals and nations do horrible things

They make it even more horrible if they never own up to it or resolve it

I am not going to rot with them

I don’t want a dialogue

I don’t want an apology

I want nothing from them

It feels like spring

It smells fresh

I feel young

I miss Cyprus

I wouldn’t go as far as saying home because that doesn’t exist geographically to me

Home is in me

Wherever I go

It goes with me

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