Who am I today?

I think I know

It’s difficult to explain

I used to know

It was so simple

There was a word

A term for what I was doing

One art followed another

Actor- Filmmaker- Artist



Can I claim the title of Artist

without a project I can sum up in one sentence?

Can I be the embodiment of my art practice

and make any sense of it to others?

I disappoint the stereotypical profile:

“Do you paint? I bet you do great portraits!”

I have already mentioned the multimedia that I use

Painting and drawing being none of them

If you could tell 18 year old me

where I would be today

I wonder what she would say

I don’t want to underestimate her

I think she may have believed it

Parts of it

It’s still hard to get my head round

the obscurity that is my existence

the certainty of the uncertain

As soon as I am categorised 

I start again from scratch

somewhere else

on something else

Three years ago I turned the time back

I started again


And now I want to settle

without ever settling 

It must all fit together


Maybe it will become clearer with time

Maybe it won’t

Maybe it’s about accepting 

the different roads

and finding a way 

to knit them together

in a pattern 

that makes sense