Media is the opium of the masses

The screen

My opium

A game during my break

An episode of something to relax

Playing to forget

Reading headlines to pass the time

Flicking through photos out of curiosity

Liking posts to feel part of a community

I can finally soothe myself

But can I self-soothe?

In order to self-soothe does the comfort need to be self-made?

I used to have me, a pen, some paper

My words, my musings, my sketches

would relieve me

There were so many of them

I would read them back

and feel like I came home again

Now that I am home

there is nowhere left to go

I used to push through the pain

Now I lie back and wait

Numbing my pain with external stimuli

rather than internal voices

Eventually the pain goes

and I have nothing to show for it