My life goal


Take care of myself

by myself

Lean on myself

Ask for nothing

It goes a long way

Through splitting


my hurt

my keen awareness

my analysis

my plan

to make it better again

Constantly working on it

Constantly working on me

Everything is there to decode and understand

I just have to talk to myself

find out what I need

find a way to get it 



was missing for a long time

It had to be violent to get through to me

Having someone else helped

Co-dependency: A dirty word

Inter-dependency: A more acceptable term to use

as part of my vocabulary

Still not comfortable

I cut off

I convince myself I need nobody

Not intimately anyway

Everything feels harder

Porousness closes up

Isolation sets in

It gets cold

Some lava inside starts to bubble

It erupts

The icy exterior explodes and melts

The elements mix again


Inter-depending with and on

Otherwise I become a lone barren universe