People’s triggers

Where to be compassionate 

Where to let go

When to laugh at something

When to be angry

How much to expect and how much to ask for

When to separate and when to reconcile

How much can I actually understand

before compromising my own self-worth?


Meaning double eyed in Greek

Two-sided or two-faced

striving for balance

looking out for both sides

a win-win situation

My body tells me

When I can’t breathe deeply enough

When I can’t digest properly

When I am trying to escape

even if I am sitting very still

When I don’t expect anything from anyone

And have no interest in making anyone feel comfortable

Because that ship sailed long ago

Enter at your own risk

I can’t hold your hand through your discomfort

when I am in agony

I never asked for your hand

so don’t snatch mine away from me