The circle line

What we have

is as deep as it gets

When we are not threatened

we forget its worth

Maybe we need the conflicts

to see what we have

Threat, enemy, war, fear, division

give us the boundaries

to ourselves

to know why we are worth

being alive

know why we must





Why life is life

in your home country

in your new country

in your no-man’s-land

If you’ve lost your will

If you don’t get the point

you’re probably right

The point of life is life

Where you are going is

where you already are

Without pain we can’t feel

we don’t know where we are

we can’t get out

The hole gets deeper and darker

We become




We are where we were avoiding

in the first place

The irony makes me feel safe

It shows me I am still

in the realm I started in

A realm I am surprised

I still want to be part of

Despite its endless hurt,

its multi-faceted cruelty,

its emotional famine,

its impressive stupidity

and its astonishing crudeness


it all belongs together