Nighttime There is a dread a sickness I get before bedtime Colours dim I disconnect a bit Everything slows down I get nervous I feel like I am being lured into a dark hole One that has no way out Except where he comes from I can’t challenge the authority He will stop feeding me… Continue reading Nighttime


Responsible I always felt Strangely I realise now That¬†others’¬†actions were my responsibility or my fault depending on my level of worth at the time So silly Something indoctrinated in me by my dear parents The abusers who needed an excuse and secure the shame in my name Shits Everyone is responsible for their actions So… Continue reading Responsibility

Feeling weird

The walls are farting, literally. There is a plumbing problem in the building. There seems to be air going through the pipes. Both me and my partner feel a bit out of sorts. I felt pregnant these past few days. We both had a bit of nausea. I had light-headedness and food cravings. I am… Continue reading Feeling weird

Out with it

Out with it I feel like I need to get it out I feel like I need to rid myself of what has been propelling me and holding me back I have reached a place of safety All my life was dedicated to getting me out of my domestic hell The hell that followed me… Continue reading Out with it


A few flickers of creativity tune in and out I want to build a room Missing a wall Where I sit bare in the centre And people walk around me and my relics I want to revisit my childhood crime scene I want to put my clues out I want to air the dirty laundry… Continue reading Thoughts