Triggers of unreasonability

It’s hard to love you

when I am triggered

It’s hard to love you

until it’s not

I get passive aggressive

when I feel I let something

I didn’t want


Due to my lack of eloquence

on that matter

I feel I am in my own corner

You are not on my side

However hard you try to convince me of it

You have stormed out of the house

without your phone

and I am relaxed and lucid

I see that I need to be reasonable

while still trying to pinpoint


it is that bothers me

so that I can make it go away

It doesn’t seem to want to

The pain is making me want to be mean

It stops me from seeing what you do for me

It only sees what you don’t

which is very little in comparison

Each time this happens

it all happens faster in succession

the anger

the argument

the diffusion

the epiphany

the resolution

or part-resolution

You have taken it out of my control

It’s uncontained right now

I am pushing you away right now

I am doing myself a disservice right now

I am so numb right now

I am trying to come up with a conclusion

I am trying to sort it out

When I should just

let it go

and trust you

I just don’t want to be humiliated again

I don’t want to be outnumbered again

I don’t want to lose something big again

I’ve made you big

This is everything now

All of it