Grief 3

Documenting my process

The only way I know how to do things

Making the feeling real

As if it is not enough

on its own

My grief was put on pause for a few days

As I turned on myself

and then on my husband

We took it out on each other

Distracting ourselves from our aching hearts

My whole world felt like it was collapsing

Our loss was an injury

a trauma without insult

a sad organic occurense

Nobody’s fault

Even if we do find a cause

A reason still requires


And faith for the future

Fearlessness is no longer my word

Maybe bravery can be

Right now it is stillness

A quest for peace and solace

while I move on and ahead

Giving my son a place in my life

since he didn’t get the chance

to do it himself

Putting him in a happy and profound place

in my filing cabinet

As my body slowly deflates and heals