Starting point

Reference point

Building structure


Romantic me wanted a new start

Emotional me needed to do what I needed

Practical me took a leap of faith

Financial me got a personal loan

We all hoped for the best

Now it is raining and shining

So brightly in the same hour

The same day shows me the four seasons

I am running out of strength

I am running out of love

The kind I need to have for myself because they couldn’t give it

The kind they didn’t teach me

The kind I accidentally learnt from strangers along the way

The unconditional patience and capacity is waining

It wanes when I get calls from insurance companies

It wanes when I get harassed by morons

All I want is a nice little home with a nice person and eventually a family that is


To the best of my capacity

Because despite set-backs

I still refuse to believe that

this is all I get