I didn’t stand up for myself

You never stood up for me

He always put me down

After building me up

You put me down

After being out of the picture

Standing passively while I was tortured


After it happened countless times

With you

With strangers

With peers

With classmates

With ‘friends’

I now say


Next time someone goes for me

I am standing up for myself

Next time something is unjust and unfair

I am opening my mouth

and flooding the place with words

Clearing my conscious

And at least knowing that I took care of myself

Because you

couldn’t stand up for us

Because your

fear ruined us


Truly failed

Not even a beautiful tragic figure

An unnecessary domestic disaster

The damage of which radiates far beyond the home

If I put my money where my mouth is

like I have

then I need to stay firm

This is it

You lost me the moment you betrayed me

Anything else was desperate damage control

because I needed you

I don’t need you anymore

I thought you would have been relieved

But now I realise you liked torturing me

I don’t want to hurt you


I will remove your favourite game

Pick on someone else