Fear is gone

Nothing like a threat

to realise value

If you ever want to kill yourself

just remember how hard you fought

when someone tried to kill you


is your value

The mystery of value

The mystery of feeling

The insecure security

of doing what you want

because it is what you need

Being resourceful

seeing how big you can make it

It can get so big

It can get so real

It all starts with a cell

a split second

a fusion

The beginning of a long road to life

A continuous struggle until the death

The end that always

moves something

because we were all

part of something

knocking on and on

vibrating forward and back

Detachment is not disconnection

It is the only way to harmonise

We all need different things

We all cannot understand them

We all need to accept things in others we would never do ourselves

Or maybe I am wrong

Maybe there is another way of functioning

Any other way for me is dysfunction


The reproduction of energy

True end is disengagement

If I don’t give you ammunition you cannot use it against me

If I don’t give you ammunition you have nothing

but your imagination

We are the makers of our own destruction

If we choose it

The seas are choppy and I see no land

but I am not going to lose control of my ship

for anyone

other than myself