Clearing out the Boxes

Today I got on Skype

with my old housemate

We went through my Boxes

in his storeroom

He touched every possession

I gave him permission to

bag, pack, chuck, give away

my stuff

I trusted him completely

After about an hour I was so chuffed at how

unembarassing and unawkward

this process was

It was fun and cathartic

Memories came back

Knots were loosened and undone

I let go of so much memorabilia

I didn’t need

And then he found a tube

of Anusol cream

At which point I was overcome by



and Mortification

This man just went through

my diaries, words, books, pantyhose

But I can’t handle

the uncovering of haemoroid cream

and hysterically tell him to throw it away

while he laughs at me and asks,

“Have you got piles babe?”

I didn’t answer

The evidence was there

The task was completed

The friendship went to the next level

Things all seem in their place now