The Honeymoon

We went to Venice

We took a bus to a remote town

We were picked up by the brother of a friend

We were taken to our BnB (not Air)

We prepared for a pre-wedding party

We went

I spoke German

In Italy

The next day we put on our best

For the wedding

I felt overwhelmed in the church

I had to sit down

Then came the lavish luncheon

in the gardens

in the heat

with little prawns

and small mozzarella balls

We had a rest before the dinner

Where I was separated from my husband

and mingled with Viennese people

The night ended with a dance

The next day our honeymoons began

Ours a month late

The newlyweds’ on  time

Venice did this thing to my brain

whereby I had to create a new space for a new picture

A place without roads and cars

A place surrounded by water but no beaches

The beach was out of town

There were towers leaning like the Pisa one

There was art everywhere

Site-specific was a popular theme

It was impressive

got why it was such a big deal

My hometown

like many others

was conquered by the Venetians

amongst many others

way back

but a lot of the architecture remains

I went back to a source

It felt special

It felt different

I jumped into another realm

The beginning of the next