On Friday afternoon, after my class, I made my way to the dental surgeon on the other side of town, who was meant to remove all 4 of my wisdom teeth, with local anaesthetic.

I was 30 minutes early, the doctor was 15 minutes late.

Each tooth got 3 injections before we began.

My lip tingled, felt massive and went numb. Apparently so did my jaw.

I put my earphones in and listened to my Tooth Playlist on my iPod while they drilled, pulled and carved.

The first one, top right, came out painlessly but with rough pressure. It was stitched up.

The second one, bottom right, was stubborn. Pulling. Pushing. I couldn’t tell the difference. I just knew I felt pain in my jaw. Another injection. More pulling. More pain. Another two injections. Pulling. Another injection. It was out.

She gave me the maximum dose of anaesthetic she felt it was safe to give me, so we had to stop there. My whole lower face was numb. My lower lip had migrated to one side of my face. I was drooling blood. I could only taste iodine.

I looked at my teeth in the mirror. I had stitches in my cheek, seemingly attached to my tooth. It is very hard to tell. I was horrified to discover that the only wisdom tooth that started rotting and developing a cavity is STILL in my mouth.

I was livid, upset and tired. There was a misunderstanding and my partner came to pick me up an hour after I finished. I felt like crying in the waiting room but controlled myself. I took it out on him instead. Let me tell you, it is exhausting having a fight with a seemingly swollen, numb face drooling blood. We managed. We made up. We came home. All sorts of soft foods had been purchased.

I was happy that only one side of my face was that debilitated. I was grateful I had a side to chew on. I don’t like the taste of iodine or cavity development in my mouth but I am glad I can sleep on my side. I am glad I can still eat. I am still pissed off she didn’t take the rotting tooth out first.

I am seeing the dentist today for a follow up. I will try to be gentle with her.