Head Stand

I practiced Yoga since I was 16. At first nearly everyday for years, then less and less. At 26 I lost interest and because I did not live in places that were big enough and I didn’t have enough money for classes, I practically stopped. After a nearly two year hiatus I joined a large class. As someone who was used to doing it alone, with a book and the odd one on one tutorial just to make sure I was on the right track, I am amazed at how much I like it. I like the togetherness and the silent solidarity.

Yesterday we were asked to work with partners to do a hand stand and a head stand. I had always avoided these poses. I was petrified of them actually. Not even against a wall! But I thought, well so many people can so maybe I can too. The hand stand I did with someone holding me. The half head stand I did with someone holding me. The head stand I did alone. I did fall forward. I only held it for seconds BUT I did it. A controlled fall.

I was so deliriously happy afterwards. For hours. All night.

A block has shifted.