The inertia of happiness

I used to be stuck

in a place where there was

a drought of affection

love through imagination

happiness as a theory

zen as a concept

and so

I created

I made works

They were

my family

my lovers

my friends

my whole self


I am

Stuck in a place

I can’t write about

with no inspiration

A place of






There is nothing I need

to create

I feel at the end of some road

facing a grey tall wall

I don’t know whether to

try to knock it down

or turn around

When I think about it

my head hurts

nothing flows out of it anymore

I didn’t realise that

when I lost my pain

I would lose my creativity

At 28 years old

I start again

Just as I wanted

A bit too old for the system

A bit too young to know

what to do next