How about?

How about life

as one long walk

instead of short sprints?

How about letting achievement

measure itself?

How about giving in

to the impulse

to do nothing

to find what’s missing?

How about realising

what rules you

and rule it?

How about finding

your own boundaries

instead of

the restrictions of others?

How about practicing

patience without resignation?

How about finding yourself

as soon as you start

being yourself?

How about seeing that

all you needed

was there to begin with?

How about starting all over again?

Empty, unqualified, fresh and new

With emotion as the only compass

without being paralytically scared?

How about thinking

how other people feel

as they have polarlly

different experiences?

How about giving your feelings


without diminishing those of others?

How about embarrassing,

cringe-worthy, earth-shaking, code-breaking


just to find the

true path

under the layers of

hologramed shit?

How about realising

that nothing

fell apart around you

when you told someone

your secret?

How about figuring out

the difference between

wanting freedom and

just being angry?