The body is like a bank

If you starved it

it will remember

If you deprived it

it will seek compensation

If you didn’t sleep enough for years

You will sleep too much for years

Epic dream sequences

that feel real and repressed

Angry and wanting to shout

but nothing comes out

Wanting to run away

but just going around in circles

They are there

every time

I can’t get away from them

The past and the present merge

when they¬†shouldn’t

My present betrays me

My past tries to save me

We have crossed wires

I hope

I hope I’m not making the same mistakes

I hope I can leave feelings where they belong

I hope I don’t poison my now

because I never had the chance

to poison my then

Can we just pronounce it dead?

I don’t know how to get rid of the ghosts

Stop visiting me in my dreams