In our world

the world of no bombs

the world of no famine

the world of micromanagement

and individualistic achievement

The world of first world problems

as bad as any other

one big trap

one big trick



restricting ourselves

because nobody else will

The hidden curriculum

teaches us to obey

it civilises us into minions

amongst other useful things

as we are not alone

much to our shock and surprise

It does not teach us how to handle


or any emotion

or aspect of the human condition

in fact

It’s always about

what’s next?

How to become




more successful

I have come to speculate that

if everyone was happy

people would be hard to control

and manipulate

people would not be cruel

just ignorant

people would instinctively know

what to hold on to and

what to let go of

people would know

how much they can give and

how much they can take

But then again

it’s never that simple

I know I can’t make everyone happy

in fact I probably make

very few people happy

but I can keep myself happy


and resourceful

Because I realise now that

life isn’t just about surviving

it’s about building

I recently dug my hole

now I am laying the foundations

soon there shall be a first floor

but I am in no hurry

the joy is in the detail



no destination