Fragmented reality

Western faith

The self

Eastern faith

One’s growth

West and East

compliment and clash

I relish the growth

I panic at the loss of established identity

I shift into another one

I incorporate a few

a hybrid of

then and now and later

I have a mission

To change what does not work

I know I need to mourn its loss

once I succeed

I have lost nearly everything

I used to have

My parasites

My ailments

My handicaps

I have gained new states of self

New worlds of inhabitance

The transition

feeling like a long tiring dream

I can’t pinch myself

but I feel everything

then and now and later

The struggle and resistance

of change

The horrific withdrawal from

who you used to be

into who you want to be


the malleable self

the versatile personality

All you have to do is

choose it