Dream turns Traum

Closing my eyes

immediately transported

somewhere uncanny

nothing safe

all tricking me

The feigned safety

of the past

I am walking on a road

the landscape

a hybrid of old Nicosia and Paul-Linke Ufer

There is a fork in the road

planted grass and flowers in between

I walk with my partner

Our friend walks past us

the other way

I lose my partner

I need to take my bicycle to a warehouse

It is a bendy piece of metal with a seat

I need to assemble and contort myself

I carry baby clothes with me

and a few dolls

My partner is out with others

Two other women get him pregnant

with a dildo

He becomes aggressive with me

We both throw glasses

Mine doesn’t break

His cracks

Neither shatters

He is lost to me

I don’t recognise this person

I don’t know what is growing in his stomach

My sister is shouting at me

I am in Cyprus

I am in Germany

I am lost

in a multi-storey building

with a faulty lift

little light

hidden rooms


I breathe shallowly

I inhale quickly

There are no tears

Everything is under

some unknown surface

vaulted away from humanity

Opening my eyes

I am back to reality

The dream felt more real

I am still waking up

I am frightened

of things turning on me

I hope I am awake on the right side

of this consciousness