Untitled 20

Untitled 20

In the diptych Untitled 20 I explore my reproductive system and my personal experience of it.

Untitled 13

Untitled 13 explores menstruation and how it has impacted my life. It is a piece done to reclaim my fertile female body. It aims to establish balance and unity. The number 13 refers to the date of my first period. The performance for video is cut to make a film, encompassing voiceover, which aims to give the viewer an insight into my own personal experience.

The film is meant to be presented by being projected on the sheet with which I performed, suspended from the ceiling, giving it freedom to move and have a physical entity of its own.

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Untitled 7

Untitled 7 explores motherhood and loss. It is a live performance piece. It encompasses a performance within a performance. The photographs being projected are documentation of a public performance I did in a cemetery. The performance consists of revisiting the spot where I buried the embryo I miscarried. The number 7 refers to the date of the day of the burial. I performed a ritual, tying a ribbon on the tree above the burial spot and giving the embryo a tombstone. I call that performance Mother as Tomb Stone.

Untitled 7 can also be seen as a kind of diptych in itself, in the sense of having two pieces presented at the same time, while one is reacting to the other.

Work has been shown at the Battery Hens exhibition at the Rag Factory, London (2011)