Breaking and Entering

Breaking and Entering is a film that follows the story of a girl who was naive enough to trust someone who abused her and then abandoned her. It shows how the experience affected the victim and how she heals her wounds and moves on, becoming a survivor.

The visuals are accompanied by her voice, talking to her abuser.

It is about closure and purification. It is an experimental film meant to disturb and move its audience to create empathy for the victim but also to create an understanding for the abuser.



It has been screened at:

  • in New York at the Be Film: The Underground Film Festival (2009)
  • in Toronto at the WILDsound Film Festival (2009)
  • in New Orleans at the Big Easy Shorts Festival
  • in Kerala at the Vibgyor Film Festival (2010)
  • in London at the Portobello Film Festival (2010)
  • in Nicosia at the Cyprus International Film Festival (2010)
  • the Culture Unplugged festivals – We Speak Here (2010) and Humanity Explored (2010), an online festival organisation based in Auckland, San Francisco and Maharastra.