Back from the other side

Back from the other hemisphere


My feet swelled to

three times their size

for once

I have slept for about

three days


I cried when I left

I felt like I knew

what I came back to

even though it was not the same

So I rearranged things in the flat

We cleaned

We unpacked

It is grey and cold

The snow is gone

I still feel lost

I still feel

like I am hanging from

someone else’s hook

I’m not sure anymore

I dream I have something

but it never materialises

or others steal it

I am full and then empty

I am doing so much

and achieving nothing measurable

I don’t want to do anything else

I fear my life will continue

in this fish bowl

I don’t realise how

long life can be

reaching journeys and living destinations

Making deductions

and going full circle

Trying to get somewhere

but still being