ashaThe work follows a point in the life of Beryl Gascoigne Hibbert and her transformation into Asha. She was one of the first women to protest against apartheid. She was disguised as a wife, a beauty, a mother, a poet. The only identity that sat was that of the curious. In exploring both her spontaneous anti-apartheid protests in South Africa that spanned from the 1940s to the 1960s, and her published poetry about love and loss, I came to believe that Asha is historically one of the first performance artists.

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reframing_teaserThe film was shot in Cyprus. The work is compiled of a series of site-specific performances, documented and cut to make a continuous film. I worked with friend and filmmaker Emilie Kengmo Chappatte in the production and edited the film in Dover, during a one-month residency-internship in July 2012 with Dover Arts Development (DAD), as part of DAD War & Peace programme.

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Breaking and Entering


Breaking and Entering is a film that follows the story of a girl who was naive enough to trust someone who abused her and then abandoned her. It shows how the experience affected the victim and how she heals her wounds and moves on, becoming a survivor.

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